About Us

“Xylem”( pronounced ZY’-LUM): is a type of plant tissue that carries water and nutrients from the roots of a plant to the leaves.

Xylem is an elegant oasis in the heart of historic Old Town Monrovia, embracing AVEDA’S mission. At Xylem we provide our guests with the utmost in the beauty experience. From the moment you enter the salon you will experience comfort, friendliness and elegance.  AVEDA’S signature organic treatments will invigorate your senses.  The team at Xylem’s luxurious Salon & Spa is eager to nurture, nourish and awaken your spirit.  Every detail has been considered, every need anticipated and every luxury indulged.

The result is a holistic Salon & Spa experience that incorporates wellness and balance to generate mind and body recovery.

Discover the spirit of serenity. Discover Xylem. Monrovia’s Premier  Concept Salon & Spa.