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Author: Xylem Salon Spa

Welcome to your fabulous 30s – a time of life filled with personal growth, career advancement and evolving beauty. As you navigate this vibrant decade, your skin requires more attention and care than it did in your 20s. Hitting 30: what happens to our skin? The 30s...

From heat styling to environmental stress, our hair is constantly under siege. That’s where hair bond repairing treatments come into play, a revolutionary approach to restore health, strength and shine to your locks. Designed to repair strands by penetrating deep within the hair shaft to re-build...

As we step into 2024, Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to align your haircare and skincare routine with the compassionate vegan ethos 🌿 Protein is key to healthy hair As a vegan diet excludes protein-rich meat and dairy, this can lead to weaker hair, shedding and brittle...

Reveal brighter, smoother, healthier skin with our mini exfoliation guide. [1] WHY EXFOLIATE? Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, unclogs pores and means skincare products are more easily absorbed. The result? A radiant glow ✨ [2] CHEMICAL VS. PHYSICAL 🔹 Chemical exfoliants dissolve dead skin cells. Gentle and suitable...